Network & Security

– High-Speed Gigabit FTTH broadband internet – Isolated and strictly firewalled Block-Producer and Relay node servers – Height dedicated Relay nodes running on seperated servers accross 8 different locations: Paris (x2) (FR) / Frankfurt (DE) / Toronto (CA) / Düsseldorf (DE) / New-York (US) / Singapour (SG) / Helsinki (FI) – Two backup Block-Producer nodesContinue reading “Network & Security”


– Personal High and Stable Pledge of 1.5M ADA – Low fees : 340 ADA fixed + 1.5% rate – Member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance – Active monitoring and maintenance of hardware setup – Development of a real-time failover mechanism to ensure the pool has always active connectivity to the cardano network andContinue reading “Commitment”


– Block Producer : VDS AMD Epyc 8-core, 32Go RAM, 256Go SSD-NvMe, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – Relays 1/2/3/4 : Raspberry Pis 4B, 8Go RAM, 64/128Go SSD, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – Relays 5/6/7/8 : VPS x86 6-core, 16Go RAM, 400Go SSD, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – Backup Block Producers: VPS x86 6-core, 16Go RAM, 400Go SSD +Continue reading “Hardware”

Pool Statistics